A lifetime worth of experience and memories- Au pairing in a foreign country.

Why it should be on your bucket list….

Imagine being in a place with people speaking in a foreign language, sitting in a corner- café and music playing among the benches of the park. The Arc de Triumphe or Eiffel tower in the background. So many places to visit; The Louvre, Palace of Versailles, Port des Arts and the Norte Dame Cathedral. All this in just one city… The city of love – Paris.

Au Pairing in a foreign country can be immensely rewarding, exciting and amusing. And don’t forget educational. You acquire to learn a completely prestine language, experience culture and perceive the world – and all this while getting paid.
An experience numerous wish for and so few can obtain. Everyone knows at least someone who says they feel the urge  to discover the world. And there is no finer way than Au pairing. You have accommodation, food, pocket money and people who care and can tell you about local things. You can also spend time with adorable children.

The experience does not stop there. Working with children can be a significant way to learn new things and gain experience. You also get to learn major  personality traits and characteristics and plenty others, such as patience and assertiveness.
So far we have touched the topics of experience from traveling, and working with kids, but do not forget that you  shape a lifelong friendship. Working with someone elses kids requires trust from the host families side. And for an au pair this job will hold an enormous responsibility. In the conclusion however, if everything went successful and smoothly, you will forever have an acquaintance.

Au pairing is truly also an exceptional gap-year experience and it’s clear why. And if you are not sure to which fabulous country you want to depart yet, watch this space since my upcoming blog will be concerning the best places to au pair. So all you future (or present) fantastic au pairs bookmark www.fantasticaupairs.net since wonderful stuff are still to come.

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